Micro Steel Fiber

Micro Steel Fiber

  • Model: 0.22*13mm

Such products use high-quality steel wire,they are high-performance steel fiber,with the characteristics of the high tensile strength,good toughness,etc.The product iswidely usedand also for export prouducts.

Copper Coater Micro Steel Fiber isone of most important materials of RPC(Reactive Powder Concrete).RPC has the features of very high strength,high tenacity,very good durability and volume stability. It is a good and a new kind of construction materials.

YuSen Micro Steel Fiber is widely used in the building of high speed railway,expressway,RPC coverplates and constructional elements.

According to the Standard of JG/T472-2015 Steel Fiber Concrete, YB/T151-2017 Steel Fiber for Concrete and ASTM A820-96 Steel Fiber for The Fiber Concrete.

Micro Steel Fiber

Diameter: 0.175-0.25mm

Length: 6-20mm

Tensile Strength: 2850MPA

Standard: JG/T472-2015,  YB/T 151-2017,  ASTM A820-96

Packing:20kg/bag or carton;

             20kg/bag or carton;

             big bag;

             or packed according to your request.